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  • Epic Showcase “The Last Samurai” – NEW Original Soundtrack

    This is a sample of my work, creating an original NEW soundtrack to the famous battle scene at the end of the movie “The Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise.

    Please be aware that this is just for demo purposes to showcase my work, all respect to the original makers of the movie and the original soundtrack made by Hans Zimmer.




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    Volvo Summer Campaign – NEW Original Soundtrack and SFX

    I made NEW music to this commercial just to showcase the way I work with sound to picture.
    This one also has SFX made by me.

    Feel free to check out my other sound to picture projects on this website.


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    Dantes Inferno – Action Driven Soundtrack with Heavy Guitars

    Action soundtrack


    This is an action soundtrack driven by heavy guitars and vocal effects. Would probably do well in an action game or action scene of some sort.

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    Action Underscore Soundtrack With Drums Strings Harp Woodwinds and more


    Action soundtrack

    This action underscore is composed by Andreas Jansson at The Stormy Lobster music studio.

    It has a certain drive from start to finish, lots of rythm from drums, woodwinds, harp, claps, guitar and more.

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    Forever – U2 Inspired Guitar Driven Alternative Rock/Pop Song



    U2 inspired guitar driven alternative rock/pop song, composed and performed by Andreas Jansson at The Stormy Lobster Studio

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